Funky Egg Shakers - 6 Pack

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Let children create beautiful music alone or with friends by using these fun, shakable maracas from Ipidipi.

Kids of all ages love making music, especially when it allows them to get up off the couch, be active, and show off their own unique creativity. That’s why we created these fun, colorful, and easy-to-use Ipidipi Funky Egg Shakers Musical Maracas! Designed in a variety of beautiful colors and crafted with high-quality wood, these handheld egg-shaped maracas let children shake, dance, and make music together.

Great for playing at home, making music together in a classroom setting, or just playing with siblings or friends, your little girls and boys will love to shake along and create their own sound. Order today and you’ll receive 6 maracas in every set, which is perfect for homes with multiple children or for sharing with friends.

Product Details:

  • Funky Eggs Musical Maracas for Kids (6-Pack)
  • High-Quality Wood Craftsmanship
  • Assorted Colors and Patterns
  • Creates Soft, Smooth Shaking Sounds
  • Promotes Learning and Social Bonding
  • Portable Home or School Play
  • Gender Neutral (Girls and Boys)
  • Includes Gift Storage Box
  • Risk-Free Guarantee


Get this 6-pack of fun egg maracas for little kids by clicking “Add to Cart’ above and make it easy for them to create their own music with colorful, stylish flair.